Sunday, June 22, 2008

You go girl!

Can you believe that this mega babe is Garrett? What a hottie! He puts Ru Paul to shame. You're probably wondering if he has a problem that he needs to talk to a therapist about, but don't worry, it's all to help out his niece, Madeline.
Every year in Provo, they do a big fireworks show, etc. for Fourth of July, called Stadium of Fire. This year, Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana) is performing there. Of course, Madeline, being seven, and a girl, would love to go. One of the radio stations here in Utah is having a contest called Hannah MANtana, where you can dress your dad up like Hannah and post the pics on the radio's website. Then, everyone votes for the best one, and whomever gets the most votes, wins 4 tickets to the show.

We thought Garrett looked too much like a girl, so we ditched the shades, but he still looked pretty smokin', especially compared to Jeff. You'll see...

Okay, so Madeline's dad, Jeff was a good sport too. Unfortunately he lacks the charisma and fabulous bone structure that Garrett was blessed with. But what's awesome, is that Madeline dressed up like Hanna's dad Robbie Ray (Billie Ray Cyrus) which was a great touch.

Don't you love Madeline's mullet? It's the best!

What a big girl!

For a few weeks now, Grace has been really interested in going potty on the toilet. So we got the training potty out of the garage and every time Henry would go, she'd take off her diaper and pop a squat! But nothing ever came out, she didn't really get the concept... until yesterday! She actually got some peepee out! It was really exciting, and I was able to capture the moment on film, to share with all of you!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I want to ride my bicycle! I want to ride my bike!

Last Tuesday night, Henry's cousin Tyler and his dad Jeff rode their bikes to our house. Tyler was dying to show Henry how he could ride his bike without the training wheels. His dad had taught him a couple of days before that. After seeing Tyler, Henry wanted to learn too. So Tyler let him ride his bike and Jeff got him going. Henry caught on to it right away, and the next morning, Garrett took the training wheels off of Henry's bike and helped him get even better at it. Now Henry can get started and stop all by himself!

Book of Mormon stories that my teacher tells to me

Last weekend our Stake had a Primary activity centered around the Book of Mormon, and the kids were encouraged to dress up like a person from that time. So I made Henry this little number. There was a fur that went over the shoulder, but he refused to wear it, because it tickled him. That's okay, he still looked great! So does Grace, but I don't think they had cowboy hats in those days. I didn't tell Grace that, she thought she looked just right.

Soccer time!

Henry was one of the bigger kids on his team, but he still has some reservations about getting in there and getting the ball away and to the goal.
His first game, he didn't score any goals, and he wasn't sure how he would like it.
But the rest of the season was a success! He scored at least 2 goals in every game, and even scored three in a couple. He was definitely the MVP.

Henry's coaches couldn't believe that this was his first year playing.

By the way, his team was called the Penguins!

After a hard game, you really need to rehydrate! As a side note, after this Gatorade, we went to Costco. When we got there, Henry needed to tinkle. It was a quick trip to the store, maybe 20 minutes, but as we were checking out, he had to go again. Then just when we were pulling out of the parking lot, he needed me to pull over for an emergency pit stop. No more Gatorade for such a small bladder!
Grace's 2nd Birthday Party!

We had a little family party for Grace when she turned two. It was lots of fun!

Here are some of the cousins in Henry's teepee.

Grace loved all the presents she got, and she had no intention of sharing a single one with her cousins!

See? How dare that Ashley get on Grace's brand new bike?

That's better.


Happy Easter!

It came early this year, which wasn't ideal, with such a long, cold winter, but it was just warm enough to wear Easter outfits to church and have and easter egg hunt outside! Whew!